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 Monthly Kids classes

Explore Creative Expression

It's time to let the kids loose to have some creative FUN after school.


In the classes,  we will explore expression through creativity, new materials, experiment with different tools (not just brushes!) and ultimately learn how to use mixed media to create fun and colourful work.  

1 hour classes throughout the week

all materials supplied


Exploring Abstract

Abstract art comes naturally to children who thrive on experimenting creatively when working with new materials.


After years of being told to colour inside the lines, students normally jump at the chance to be free with their art.


Children readily grasp the concept of abstract art when explained in simple terms and illustrated with visuals.


Painting 'en plein air' is wonderful for combining both painting, and being in nature -  especially on a summer day...even in Scotland!

When the weather allows, we will explore outside, painting our favourite spots, while learning to mix the colours of nature

There is certainly something magical about painting outdoors 🎨 💫 🧑‍🎨


En Plein Air
Can you imagine...?

Children have such wonder filled imagination!

We explore the symmetry of lines, coupled with the mirroring of lines...all of which allows for the imagination to be put into action.


This technique creates a selection of harmoniously, balanced, colourful drawings that come to life right in front you! 


Commissions are always welcome.

Please get in touch to discuss all the possibilities and benefits of commissioning your very own original piece of artwork

07729 40 97 48

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